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Chica disfrutando de coctel Aviaction en G Lounge Bogota


At G Lounge, you will be able to enjoy a unique menu of signature cocktails and classics, designed with exclusive spirits and liquors, alongside fresh ingredients.

Our team of bartenders will delight your palate with their surprising creations. Additionally, to complement your experience, we offer a carefully curated selection of spirits and wines that you can choose to accompany your golf sessions, whisky lounge meetings, or dinners at the Oda restaurant.


Golf Bays and Whiskey Lounge

Monday - Saturday: 11:45 AM - 12 M


Los clásicos son íconos atemporales, y la coctelería no es la excepción. Si tienes un clásico preferido pídelo en nuestra barra y sino pregúntale a nuestros bartenders por una recomendación, seguramente te llevarás un gran coctel y una buena historia.

Espresso Martini en G Lounge Bogota, Colombia
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